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                                           About Us


                                                                        "Education isn't "one size fits all"

  We give our students the best possible support by understanding that every student has their own unique learning style. Our tutors are experienced educators/credentialed teachers. We teach with enthusiasm and positivity, while building confidence & self-esteem for long-term success. Meet our team! 

Christi Maloney, Owner/Tutor
  Christi brings over 20 years of educational experience to her position as both owner and tutor at Expressive Learning. Her interest in childhood education began when her daughters entered elementary school. She began working at Vine Hill Elementary in Scotts Valley in 1998 as a teaching assistant/kindergarten aide. Her passion for teaching and understanding that every student has their own unique learning style led her to pursue 1:1 tutoring.
  While working at Vine Hill, Christi joined Expressive Learning 2009. In 2018, she took ownership of the business with an entrepreneurial drive and commitment to supporting the academic needs of students. Christi has cultivated a team of top-notch tutors, who provide students with exceptional individualized tutoring. As a local resident raised in Scotts Valley, she prioritizes relationship-building with both students and their families. Her enthusiasm for teaching and positive approach is reflected in her student's desire to learn.   
  Anna Mee, Tutor

  Anna has been an elementary school teacher since 1999. She began her teaching career in the Moreland School District for a brief 5 years. After a short time away to enjoy being a new mom, she returned to teaching at Daves Avenue Elementary School in Los Gatos. Most of her teaching experience has been with 2nd and 3rd graders. 10 years ago, Anna left teaching to spend more time with her two daughters, where they reside in Scotts Valley. 

  Anna loves working with kids, which was a driving reason for her decision to join the Expressive Learning team. As a credentialed teacher, she has embraced a wide variety of teaching practices over the years and has worked with many different types of learners. She has firm belief in teaching students how to learn in a way that works best for them and gives them strategies to become life-long learners. Often times, she adds special elements to her sessions which include, mindfulness and calming strategies. Anna is a wonderful part of our tutoring team. Her nurturing personality and is an attribute that makes a positive difference in her student's educational experience.   

Jessica Romeo, Tutor

  Born in Santa Cruz, California, Jessica grew up in Scotts Valley. She moved back to the Santa Cruz area in 2020 after living in Oregon and LA for eight years. Following her passion to become a social justice educator, Jessica received her B.S. in Elementary Education at the University of Oregon with a minor in Special Education. She spent her years in Oregon working with diverse groups of children in school and after school programs before moving to Southern California to pursue her multiple teaching credential and Masters of Education at UCLA. She is currently teaching her own classroom of students in Santa Cruz, and we are fortunate to have her sharing her time with us. Jessica's most recent years of teaching include Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade.   

  Jessica's teaching style brings an immense amount of warmth and compassion. Her cheerful personality is infectious and her ability to connect with students is instantaneous. She teaches to variety of learning styles and inspires children to learn and strive for their goals. We are thrilled to have Jessica on our tutoring team. Outside of teaching, Jessica enjoys hiking, walking on the sand, getting cozy with her kitties and surrounding herself with people who make her happy. 

Anne Powers-Penilla, Tutor

Anne's bio coming soon! 



Bonnie Scherer, Tutor


Bonnie's boming soon!

Chelsea Huynh, Tutor 

Chelsea's bio coming soon!

Cristine Smith, Tutor


Cristine's bio coming soon! 


Kelly Norman, Tutor

Kelly's bio coming soon! 


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