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                                 Tutoring Services


                            Health and safety update

The health and safety of our students and tutors continues to be a top priority. Our efforts to ensure everyone with the safest possible learning environment include:  

-sanitizing offices & learning spaces after every session

-Staggered scheduling to allow for less foot traffic

-Students are provided with their own set of learning tools/supplies   





Expressive Learning provides one-on-one tutoring in all subject areas, Pre-K through 12 in a motivating, fun environment. Our team of tutors support students based on evaluation of individual needs, catering instruction to their individual learning style. We understand that confidence plays a key part in academic success, therefore, we boost every session with positive reinforcement, helping students feel empowered both in and outside the classroom. We also offer specialized programs derived from researched-based programs in reading/spelling. 

Pre-K/Kindergarten readiness:  We offer full support in bridging the gap between pre-school and kindergarten. We provide a fun & dynamic learning opportunity for our young students to learn the basic Pre-K/K  academic concepts. Our goal is to instill confidence and a strong foundation for kindergarten success for children who will be entering or are currently in kindergarten.


 Additionally, we assist students with:

  • Study Skills/Learning Strategies

  • Homework Help

  • Organization

  • Test Taking Strategies 



We are an approved vendor for Ocean Grove Charter School


A comfortable, positive learning environment is as important as the concepts/programs that are being taught. We teach in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere with at-home surroundings. Tutors work with students in individual rooms within our office space, providing them with optimal 1:1 instruction. We take pride in making learning fun! 



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